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ABC’s ‘Stumptown’ finale, which aired on March 24, ended with a major cliffhanger as Dex is in shock to see an unexpected.

Imagine that Marvel, fresh off 2008’s surprisingly-successful Iron Man, asks you if you want to be Captain America. No.

ABC’s Stumptown just left us on the mother of all cliffhangers, setting its fans up to be wildly disappointed if the rookie.

ABC’s ‘Stumptown’ Finale brings Dex’s adventures full circle as PI finds justice for Benny’s death: Review – Dex’s relationship with her mother could make for one interesting story arc if the series returns with a second installment.

So, tonight’s Episode 18 may turn out to be the Season 1 finale, or the series finale. Titled, “All Hands on Dex,” the story picks up the prior episode, which found Dex searching for answers as to why.

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As Dex and Darcy are set to get married, Rachel drunkenly confesses her romantic feelings to Dex, who shockingly feels the.

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It comments on the difference between real life and fiction; the fact that there’s no forward progression of story is the.

Below is an extended scene from the new episode called “All Hands on Dex” for readers who want to see what’s coming: Will.